Todd Emerson

My Personal (non-professional) Links to Friends and Interests
  • Hound Dog Hill Boys -- A Staunton, Virginia "sneergrass" (traditional bluegrass with a twist) group featuring a cast of outstanding bluegrass musicians, including my brother, Michael Emerson (aka "Emerson").

  • Blackbird, an online journal of literature and the arts - published by VCU's Department of English. Edited online by my old friend, M.A. Keller.

  • Blue C Sushi -- my friends and customers of kikata.

  • Pike & Western - before I made a living with technology, I barely survived selling wine.  Michael Teer and Peter Schmalzer are responsible for giving me a boost once I landed in Seattle. Thanks guys.

  • Therese Frare - an extraordinary photographer, neighbor and friend, Therese was featured in Time Life's 100 Photographs that Changed the World.  Currently Therese is best known for her wedding photography.  She and her husband, Greg Davis, also shoot stock photography and video.

  • Peter Schmalzer - a friend.

  • - an old Go2net colleague who is also responsible for the someday famous Poetry Postcard Project

  • Guitarville and Guitar Emporium - guitars, mandos, strings, oh my.

  • Another Todd Emerson - Film and Television actor, not me. Though I once had a brief impromptu performance (as a breast-obsessed "Romeo") on stage with Christine Deaver at Teatro Zinzanni.

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